CKM 3 Month Mentorship

You’ve just begun your path into this industry, or you’ve outgrown your knowledge base, either way, there are unanswered questions weighing on you.  You’re reaching for the next level of effectiveness.  You know what you know, but are uncertain of what you don’t… Or you have lingering doubts about your education or confidence and know you need to make a change.

I get it.  I hear a lot of that.  AND, I’ve been there!

You’re ready to be crafted, mentored.  To experience unprecedented clarity and certainly.

As a long-time trainer and educator in the fitness industry I’ve helped 1000’s of trainers define and achieve their next level.


Does this sound like you?

I don’t have the:  skills, confidence, experience, etc.

My delivery is unpolished, how do I say…

I’d like to understand how to program for a wider variety of abilities.

My workouts are boring, how can I be more creative.

I require deeper comprehension of “WHY”.

I’ve heard a lot about “WHAT” to think, but I want to explore “HOW” to think as an effective trainer. 

I can helpI make trainers BETTER. It’s what I’ve done for 12 years.

The end goal is to give you the certainty and confidence you can take on any level of client and be able to properly administer, design and apply all corrective and exercise programming so that clients receive safe, efficient, effective and fun programming and achieve their goals!

Not only that, but you will be on track to independently continue your personal growth and adaptation as a trainer.


  •  We’re going to lock arms for 3 months

  •  We start as a group October 2019 and will meet up in person each month


CKM 3 Takes Place:

October 19th and 20th, 2019

November 16th and 17th, 2019

December 14th and 15th, 2019


                                               HQ - Health Quarters

5280 South Service Road

2nd Floor

Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5H5


  • 3 Modules/ 54Hours of lecture/practical-style group training; broken up over 6 days.

  • Certificate of completion for the CKMentorship March 2019 Graduate Class***

  • 8 PTS CEC’s- continuing education credits as a canfitpro member.

  •  Three 60-minute private sessions via Skype

  •  Weekly PHONE call contact accountability

  • “Homework” after each module.

  •  Daily chat access via email

  • “Done for You” deliverables, including:

MODULE #1: 2-days

  • Full Assessment manual for lower and upper body

  • Assessing the human body for safe and efficient movement.

  • Private Membership Site Access to all of the in person assessmenst

  • Full day of hands on assessing lower and upper body

  • Over 100 corrective modalities provided via the ATS manual

  • Pre-done assessment sheet with the ability to add your own logo

MODULE#2: 2-days

  • 9 hours of hands on demos: from prepping to restorative

  • Program Design. From tissue work to restorative.

  • Access to an exclusive membership site with videos of every exercise covered in the workshop

  • Anatomy of a Workout introduction magazine online.

  • One full day of hands on program design and application.

  • The TRUTH about Foam Rolling and Compression Techniques.

  • 4 years of pre-done programming.

MODULE #3: 2-days

  • One full day reviewing the top exercises: set up, cueing tips etc..

  • Training variables

  • The ART of Regressions and Progressions.

  • My TOP 4 Training Variables for limited exercise Design.

  • Understanding this thing called Fascia for better movement.

  • Trainer do’s and don’ts

  • Continuing education - what’s next?

  • Best Practices - “Nothing lasts Forever”. Everything learned today will eventually all be wrong given enough time.

  • Intake forms : Par-Q, ParMED-X, Health History Questionaires, etc…

  • Your first meeting / Your last meeting

  • Personal Training as a “Career”: investing in your future. Investing your Money.

  • Investments, savings, health benefits, disability, Life Insurance

  • Guest speakers Wayne Sutherland and Nicole Doumont TOP online trainers chat about their transition from LIVE training. The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY!

  • Guest speaker Jason Persaud, Holistic Health Practitioner, sheds light on what health means, and the true impact we have as trainers and coaches with our interactions with clients. 

  • Guest speaker Brenda Johnston, High Performance Coach, speaks about Mindset and how she uses tools such as NLP & Hypnosis to help people transform on a subconscious level.

  • …..and so much more!